Farvardin Yasht – 3

Gatha Ahunavad – Yasna 31.3

yām dāo mainyu āthrāchā, ashāchā choish rānoibyā khshnutem;

hyat urvatem chazdonghvadebyo, tat ne mazdā vidvanoi vaochā;

hizvā thwahyā āongho, yā jvanto vispeng vāurayā.


“What reward Thou hast given through (Thy Holy) Spirit and through Fire, (and) what hast Thou promised/taught through Asha for two competitors, and what is the decision for the wise ones – that O Mazda, dost Thou reveal unto us, for (our) knowledge, through the tongue of Thy mouth, so that I may convince all living persons.”


Farvardin Yasht – Karda II & III (para 20 to 29 – full)

II.20. Ahura Mazda said unto Spitama Zarathushtra: If you are scared (vithwaesho) of terrifying (boivaranam, duzitanamcha) and scary (thwayanguhatām) roads and afraid (thwaeshāo) of harm coming to you, then recite these victorious prayers (vacho) aloud (framruyāo).


  1. We praise, invoke and remember the good, brave and beneficent Fravashis of the righteous ones who belong to the house, village, country and authority of spiritual leaders. We venerate the Fravashis of living persons, and those who lived and those who will live, and the Fravashis of all countries, especially the friendly (jevishtayāo) ones.


  1. They uphold the sky, water, earth, cattle, babies in mother’s womb and protect them from Vidhatu. They fashion (urvat-chayen) the organs and body of the child (cf para 11).


  1. They come rushing for help; they come vigorously, swiftly, strongly and devoutedly for help. They are worthy of worship for good causes, they are worthy of worship for victorious causes, they are worthy of worship for battles.


  1. They give victory to those who invoke them for help, they give boons to those who lovingly call them (chakushe), they give health to the ailing (banthāi), they give good khvarena to those who venerate, please (kukhshnavanāno) and invoke them with offerings.

Note: Boons and help from the Fravashi.


  1. The Fravashis frequent the places (fraoirisishtāo) where righteous men practice righteousness with devotion (zarazdātem), where they get greatest of respect (freretāo) and where righteous men are respected (freretāo), contented (khshnuto) and satisfied (atbishto).




III.26. The good, brave beneficent Fravashis are powerful when travelling in vehicles, swift (renjishtao) in walking (fravazemnanām), never doing wrong haste (afrakavastemao) while retreating (apasrayamnanam), never being defeated among those having weapons to attack and defend, wherever they go, happiness (irem) never goes away from there.


  1. We venerate the good and the best among the Fravashis of the good, brave, beneficent and righteous ones. They are worthy of veneration where Baresman is spread, where victories are won, where battles are fought, where brave men fight in wars.


  1. Ahura Mazda called (zbayat) the Fravashis to help Spenta Mainyu uphold the sky, water, earth, cattle, babies in mother’s womb and protect them from Vidhatu. They fashion the organs and body of the child (cf para 11 & 22).


  1. Spenta Mainyu upholds the sky with the help of the Fravashis who are strong, relaxed (tushnishādho), having good eyesight and hearing ability (sraoithrish), happiness giver (dareghorāremno), exalted, always alert, having good abodes, moving ahead (ravofraothmano) and givers of fame.


Kayanian dynasty: Completed last month’s.