What is the Chinwad Pul (bridge) TMY – Jame Jamshed of 2-10-16

What and where is the Chinwad Pul (bridge)?

  1. The Chinwad Pul (Bridge) or “the Bridge of Separation” is an allegorical bridge. It actually indicates the connecting space which links the material world to the spiritual world. It is supposed to start on the earth from the summit of the Alburz mountains located at the centre point of the world, from which souls cross over to the other world on the fourth day after death, to begin their afterlife journey.
  2. The Chinwad bridge is described as a beam which is broad on one side, and sharp narrow on the other. The souls of the righteous cross the bridge without difficulty from the broad, side, but for the souls of the wicked, the beam rolls over to its sharp side and from there they plunge to hell below.
  3. The Judgement of the soul takes place before the Chinwad bridge. Thereafter the soul’s collective actions (Kerdār or Daenā) appears before it in the form of a young woman. She comes in the form of a beautiful woman and escorts the souls of the righteous across the bridge to heaven. However for the souls of the evil ones, it comes in the form of a wicked hag and drags the unwilling soul down into the dark hell.

4. On the other side of the bridge, the righteous souls first encounter Bahman Ameshaspand, who rises from his golden throne and addresses it. After this the soul proceeds to its station in heaven.

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