Patience, prudence and diligence make a terrific combination. These virtues have once again helped humanity to get an upper edge over the COVID pandemic. The intermittent crest and troughs are a test of humanity, and a gentle warning not to be complacent. Let’s hope and pray that the partial victory soon turns into a total triumph.

New additions:

1. The 21st set of TMY Question Answers on “ZOROASTRIAN FESTIVALS in ???TELL ME WHY???

2. A write up on “Zoroastrian Ethics and Virtues” under “ZOROASTRIANISM – A basic understanding”

3. The Mah/Mohor, Tir and Gosh Yashts in “Khordeh Avesta for SHAHENSHAHIS” and “Khordeh Avesta for KADIMIS”.

WORDS FROM THE WISE “The more I know who I am, the less I care about who you think I am.” Reina

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