From Thursday, the 6th of August, Hum-din Shahenshahi Zarthoshtis will be celebrating the 10 days of the Farvardegān or Muktād, the 10 most important days of the Zoroastrian Calendar year.

On these very auspicious days, our beloved Asho Ravaans and Asho Farohars visit us from the other dimension, look forward to our togetherness and hospitality, and while departing shower us with blessings of health, happiness, strength, peace and prosperity.

We are told that the Asho Farohars specially clean this world during these 10 days. At no other time in our existence have we needed this cleansing more than the present times. May we fervently pray to the Asho Farohars, that they cleanse the world of the scourge which is ‘plaguing’ us all since almost half a year.

Responding to requests, the special prayers to be recited by Humdin Zarthoshtis during these days, have been specially given in one place on the website under the title “Muktad prayers”. They are under the link “Zoroastrian Daily Life – PRACTICES and CUSTOMS”

Wishing all the Humdins a very Happy Navroz and Khordad Sal.

NEW ADDITIONS: The Farvardin Yasht has been added to the Khordeh Avesta for the Shahenshahis.


 Thank God for what you have, TRUST GOD for what you need.”

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