We learn things sooner or later. The speed of learning is always directly proportional to how much it matters to us, since we learn the things, which are dearer to us, faster.

In the case of COVID etiquette, the learning curve was slow, since most felt that it may not touch them. But the gravity of the situation has now started hitting. Now hopefully most people, with the slightest common sense, have understood the dangers of taking COVID lightly.

May this augur as a new dawn in the global fight against this scourge. May all be blessed with the wisdom to see an evil, manifest or unmanifest, visible or invisible, when it is staring in the face, in whatever garb it may be.

New addition: The Ashtad Yasht and the Zamyad Yasht have been added in the Shahenshahi and Kadimi Khordeh Avestas.

WORDS FROM THE WISE “Don’t try to squeeze God in your life. Try to wrap your life around God.” Anonymous

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