It is with great pleasure that I place here the “KHORDEH AVESTA for Shahenshahis”, under the Tab – “Payers for READING.”

This Khordeh Avesta is different from other similar collections in the following ways:

1. It gives an introduction at the beginning of each prayer, which gives relevant information about the prayer, its benefits, reasons to pray and the when, how and where of praying it. This will make the prayer experience more fulfilling.

2. Among the long vowels, only long ‘a’ is marked as ‘ā’. Nasalised long ‘a’ is marked as ‘ã’. No other long vowels are marked.

3. Whenever proper nouns occur in the prayer, they start with a capital letter, so that while praying one can visualize them.

4. Long and difficult words are broken, wherever necessary, to ease the pronunciation.

 So now, if one happens to be at a place where you can’t find a Khordeh Avesta, this virtual prayer book will enable one to say the prayers anywhere in the world.

 More to come on this web-site:

“Khordeh Avesta for Kadimis”, All the Yashts,

30 Roj Setayashnas.