Dear friends,

The world is going through an unprecedented period. Never before has the term “inner strength” had greater meaning and significance. This term can be understood in three ways:

  1. Physical inner strength, as in immunity.

  2. Psychological inner strength, as in learning to be alone and yet not lonely.

  3. Spiritual inner strength, as in faith – in the divine workings of the supreme power.

This period can also be seen as a time for self-development with fewer distractions.

In an effort to increase the ‘knowledge’ quotient of our self-development, we will daily have a ‘post, having a topic as a part of a systematic Course on Zoroastrian religion, starting from 24th March 2020.

Let us all hope, pray and act that we may soon come out of this testing period as stronger, healthier and better human beings.



 “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

—Robert H. Schuller
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