This website is an  online resource for Living Zoroastrianism. It has:

A. General information:

  1. Zoroastrian religion, Ahura Mazda, Zarathushtra, Teachings of the religion etc.(https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/lets-understand-zoroastrianism).

  2. 5 major Iranian dynasties – Peshdad, Kayan, Hakhamanish, Arshkan & Sasan (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/history-of-iran-highlights).

  3. Zoroastrian rituals (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/rituals-in-zoroastrianism).

  4. Zoroastrian festivals (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/festivals-of-zoroastrians).

  5. Yashts (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/yashts).

B. References :

  1. More than 300 Question and Answers, under “Tell me Why Column” (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/tell-me-why). 

  1. “Zarthoshti-pedia – a mini encyclopedia” (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/zarthoshti-pedia).

  2. Quotations from Avesta, Pahlavi and Pazand texts (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/quotes-from-zoroastrian-texts).

C. Children:

  1. Stories from the life of Prophet Zarathushtra (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/prophet-zarathushtra-spitama-life-story).

  2. Stories from the SHAHNAMEH(https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/stories-from-the-shahnameh).

  3. Basic Audio Prayers for Navjote (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/audio-prayers).

D. For daily use:

  1. The Shahenshahi Khordeh Avesta: (https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/khordeh-avesta-for-shahenshahis).

  2. Daily Zoroastrian life(https://ramiyarkaranjia.com/zoroastrian-daily-life-practices-and-customs).


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New Addition: “9. QA about RITUALS” dded under ???TELL ME WHY??? (27th May 2019)