Zoroastrian philosophy advises the three steps of protection, cleansing and strengthening to lead a healthy and balanced life, since there is so much evil in the world in every form. These three steps are reflected in almost all Zoroastrian teachings, practices and rituals.

Incidentally, these are exactly the three steps, that will dictate the course of our lives in future, especially to save ourselves from the present scourge of the Covid-19 virus. In fact, this calamity has reminded man to protect, cleanse and reinforce himself, regularly.

In our present context, protection has to be from the evil virus that lurks invisibly. A good immunity based on breathing, diet and rest is our best chance for self-protection. And while talking of protection, one cannot forget the actual weapons and shields of wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding unnecessary travel.

The second step is cleansing the toxics that, unknown to us, may have invaded our body space during our process of survival. In present times the cleansing has to be done by regular hand washing and drinking warm water, preferably with a dash of lime and honey.

And finally, strengthening. Over and above a strong body, one requires strong lungs, as this pathogen is known to attack the lungs. So strengthening the lungs and our heart by deep breathing and aerobics is one of the best favours we can do ourselves to be prepared for the future.

Talking of strength, one can’t stress enough about inner strength. In the present context, this inner strength is our immunity. We can increase this strength by augmenting the intake of amino acids, iron, zinc and Vitamin C, to fight the evil pathogens inside us.

Among divine beings, Hom Yazad helps to fight germs, bacteria and virus. Hence remembering Hom Yazad and seeking his help, spiritually helps us from the evil of diseases connected with these pathogens.

Stay safe, stay healthy and may health always triumph over sickness.

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 “Success is walking from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm.”  – Winston Churchill

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