How can we visualize Ahura Mazda? TMY – Jame Jamshed of 20-11-16

  1. Ahura Mazda, our God, is described in our texts as shapeless, formless and infinite. He is referred to as Minoaan mino, that is, spirit among the spirits.
  2. In order to visualize Ahura Mazda we have to look for words which are most frequently used to describe him. These words are raevant/rayomand and khvarenanghant/khorehmand which mean “full of light” and “full of energy.” Thus we have to visualize Ahura Mazda as radiant, energetic, being who is present everywhere.
  3. In other words if we want to visualize Ahura Mazda, we have to visualise him as light and energy. The best embodiments of light and energy on the earth are the sun and the fire. All other radiant bodies like the moon are also in a smaller way embodiments of these two things.

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