What are hamkaars? TMY – Jame Jamshed of 27-11-16

  1. In Zoroastrian religious tradition, the term hamkaar refers to divine beings (Ameshaspands and Yazads) who have similar or common functions and hence work with each other. The word hamkaar literally means “co-workers.”
  2. In the schema of the 30 roj of the month, the first seven roj are the Ameshaspands who are the chief of the other 23 roj. Each of the seven Ameshaspand has 3 to 4 Yazads as their hamkaars, who are similar to the Ameshaspands in the work they handle. The list of the hamkaars of the 7 Ameshaspands is given in all Khordeh Avestas.
  3. The hamkaars assist the Ameshaspands in looking after the seven creations. For instance Adar, Sarosh and Behram Yazads are the three hamkaars of Ardibahesht Ameshaspand. All the hamkaars, like their chief Ameshaspand, are connected to fire and divine energy.
  4. Some of our religious traditions are also connected to the concept of hamkaars. For instance, on Ardibahesht roj and his hamkaars, Zoroastrians are expected to go to the fire temple. That is why these days are marked in red in the Parsi calendar.
  5. Another example is of Bahman Ameshaspand who looks after cattle. His hamkaars are Mohor, Gosh and Ram Yazads. On all these days we abstain from eating meat and observe them as an-rojaa as a mark of respect to Bahman Ameshaspand.

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