What are Flying fires or Special fires? (TMY-Jame Jamshed of 1-1-17)

  1. In Zoroastrian religion the word fire is referred not just to fires that we see burning, but to all types of fire energies in nature like the heat energy resulting from combustion, the energy in the atmosphere manifested in lightening and the heat produced by motion. Visible fires too are of different categories and grades, like Dadgah, Adaran and Atash Behram.
  2. Moreover there are three spiritual fires created by Ahura Mazda at the beginning of creations which were sent to King Jamshed, King Kaekhushru and King Gushtasp as Adar Froba, Adar Gushasp and Adar Burzin-Meher respectively.
  3. In Iran, there is yet another type of fire called Flying fires or special fires. These are somewhere between the physical and spiritual fires. They may appear as an ordinary fire, but have a very strong consciousness of their own.
  4. There are a few such special fires in Iran. No one knows the origins of these fires except that they appear to a family, not necessarily that of a priest, and that family thereafter becomes the caretaker of these fires. Thus these fires are more or less private fires and not for community worship.
  5. The unique characteristic of these fires is that they consume very little fuel and have a very strong consciousness by which they take decisions for their own safety.
  6. 6. The name ‘Flying fire’ often applied to these special fires, has given a very wrong impression about them, as if they were flying all the time. This is not so. The term ‘flying’ only indicates that they may fly away at their will if something untoward happens or if rules of ritual purity are not maintained. The ‘flying’ happens very rarely and hardly anybody in recent times has seen it.

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