What is Farajyat bandagi? (TMY-Jame Jamshed of 25-12-16)


  1. Zoroastrians are enjoined to daily recite certain basic minimum prayers, which are called Farajyat bandagi which literally means “obligatory prayers.”
  2. These daily prayers are obligatory and should be done with joy as a mark of gratitude to god. They not only provide us with our daily requirement of spiritual energy but also are a type of a daily mental relaxation programme. If a person is fluent with these prayers, they take about 20 to 25 minutes.
  3. The prescribed prayers for day time can be done in any of the three day time gehs, but preferably in the morning in the Havan geh. These prayers are; (i) Kasti (ii) Sarosh Baj (iii) Havan / Rapthwin / Uziran Geh (iv) Khorshed Nyash (v) Meher Nyash (vi) Doa Vispa Humata (vii) Doa Nam Setayashne (viii) Char dishano namaskaar “Homage to four directions” (ix) 101 names of god (x) Doa Tandarosti.
  4. The prescribed prayers for Aiwisruthrem Geh are: (i) Kasti (ii) Sarosh Baj (iii) Aiwisruthrem Geh (iv) Sarosh Yasht Vadi with Nirang (v) Doa Nam Setayashne (vi) Diva/Cherag-no namaskaar “Homage to the light” (vii) 101 names of God (viii) Doa Tandarosti.
  5. The prescribed prayers for Ushahin Geh are: (i) Kasti (ii) Sarosh Baj (iii) Ushahin Geh (iv) Sarosh Yasht Hadokht with Nirang (v) Doa Nam Setayashne (vi) Cheragno namaskaar “Homage to the light” (vii) 101 names of God (viii) Doa Tandarosti. It is pertinent to note that if the Farazyat has to be done in the Ushahin Geh it has to be done at least an hour after the Geh starts.
  6. It is obligatory to pray the Mah Bokhtar Nyash at least thrice a month on No moon day (amas), New moon Day (chand-rat) and Full moon Day (poonam). Avan Nyash may be recited when one is near a well and Atash Nyash is mandatory when one is in the fire temple.
  7. Yasht of the Yazad connected with the particular roj may also be recited on that particular day.

4 thoughts on “What is Farajyat bandagi? (TMY-Jame Jamshed of 25-12-16)

  1. Very interesting n good to know.

    May I know what prayers r to be recited on the day of a person’s funeral. (Pidus).
    Thank you.


    • For a person’s funeral you can pray a special Khorshed and Meher Nyash for the departed person and also the Sarosh Yasht Hadokht. In these prayers, Ahmai raeshcha and kerfh mozd are not recited and Jasa me avanghe moazda is modified. One ca also say the Patet Rav-ni for the departed one at the Pai-dast.


      • Thanks for your response, but where will I find Patet Rav-ni prayers , it’s not in Khorde Avast.


  2. 1. If a Zrthusti Woman married a non Zrthusti, can she continue to wear Sudra n Kusty n do our prayers.

    2. Can she attend a Zarthusti’s funeral, if she does attend, when should she, n at what stage she’s not allowed to see the body.


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