What is the Visparad? (TMY – Jame Jamshed 5-2-17)

  1. The Yasna, the Vsparad and the Vendidad are the names of three main texts in the Avestan language which have survived till the present times. Inner rituals (pāv-mahel ni kryā) in which these texts are recited are also known by the same names.
  2. The text of Visparad has 23 chapters. In the ritual of Visparad, this text is recited along with the text of the 72 chapters of the Yasna. When the Vendidad ritual is performed, the text of Visparad is also recited in it along with the texts of Yasna and Vendidad.
  3. The word Visparad is derived from the Avesta words vispe ratavo which means “All the lords”. These ‘lords’ are divine beings of a special class called Ratus, who especially preside over time and season.
  4. The Visparad ritual is performed much less frequently compared to other inner rituals. It is not performed daily, but has to be performed only at specific occasions.
  5. It can be performed either on behalf of the dead or for the living on the following occasions: a. On the last day of the Navar ceremony, b. On the last day of the Geti kharid ceremony, c. On the 6 Gahambars of the year, since Gahambars also pertain to time and seasons.

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