Is it necessary to wear both the Sadra and the Kasti together? (TMY – Jame Jamshed of 12-3-17)

  1. It has been noticed that a few people today, either out of ignorance or convenience wear just one of the two. This is not correct. It is essential to wear both the Sadra and Kasti together. One becomes ineffective without the other.
  2. Just as when we say “a few days” it also means nights, when we say pen, a refill is also included and when we say specs, both the frame and the glasses are implied, in our religious texts, often the mention of one, Sadra or Kasti, was enough to indicate that both are referred to.
  3. Both the Sadra and Kasti are invariable for the performance of Kasti ritual. Both are necessary for affording protection to the person. A child is invested with both together at the time of the Navjote and the two should always be worn together.
  4. In Iran, in the not very distant past, because of severe persecution and the fear of living under alien and hostile rulers, our Iranian Zoroastrian brethren had to wear either one and that too in a concealed manner. Even that was often at the risk of their lives, as it has been reported that people were hanged by their own Kasti. Hence in Iran, for some time in the past there was a practice of not wearing the kasti all the time. But that is not so any more.

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