What are the essential aspects of being a Mazdayasni Zarthoshti? (TMY – jame Jamshed of 19-3-17)

  1. A religion is made up of three aspects –knowledge, practices and living. Being a Mazdayasni Zarthoshti is a complete package of all these three aspects. The following seven teachings are most essential to make a person a true Mazdayasni Zarthoshti.
  2. Understanding the Mazdayasni Zarthoshti religion and practicing it, especially the ethical aspects – which include Humata “good thoughts” Hukhta “good words” and Hvarshta “good deeds.”
  3. Having the Navjote performed at the proper age, that is, after completing six years and before completion of nine years and thereafter wearing the Sadra-Kasti throughout life.
  4. Doing Kasti regularly and reciting Farajyat prayers (at least the small one) daily.
  5. Regularly visiting the Agyari or Atash Behram.
  6. Marrying a Mazdayasni Zarthoshti at the appropriate time and having at least 2 children.
  7. Believing in and participating in rituals and having them performed when necessary.

Going for Dokhmenashini after death, wherever a dakhma is available.

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