Who is Airyaman Yazad? (TMY – Jame Jamshed of 16-4-17)

  1. Airyaman Yazad is a very strong and powerful Zoroastrian Yazad. However, he is not so well known among Zoroastrians as no Roj is dedicated to him nor is there any Yasht dedicated to his honour. However Yasna chapter 54 and Vendidad chapter 22 are entirely dedicated to him. Yasna chapter 54 can be separately recited as a stand-alone prayer for invoking Airyaman Yazad.
  2. The meaning of the word Airyaman is “one having a noble mind.” He is always referred to as ishya, that is desirable and loved. In the Havan Geh prayer, Airyaman Yazad is remembered as desirable, strong, victorious, free from malice, who keep away all harm. Praying to him is regarded only next to praying to the 5 Gathas.
  3. The two main functions of Airyaman Yazad are maintaining harmony in relationships, especially marriage, and giving health and immunity and fighting against diseases. Along with Ardibahesht Ameshapsand he is regarded as the chief among healing Yazads. He is said to have a cure for all diseases. He is always invoked in the Marriage benedictions (lagan naa ashirwad) as he is regarded as the Yazad presiding over marriages. He will help the future savior in bringing about Frashokereti, the final renovation.
  4. He is an associate of Ardibahesht Ameshaspand, and is always remembered along with him. In the Ardibahesht Yasht, he is mentioned as a powerful Yazad who needs to be invoked, and who is helpful in overcoming black magic and sorcery.
  5.  The Vedas have a divine being by the name Aryaman whose qualities are similar to Airyaman Yazad. Aryaman belongs to the group of good divine beings called Adityas. He is an associate of Mitra and Varuna. Aryaman too presides over marriage.

One thought on “Who is Airyaman Yazad? (TMY – Jame Jamshed of 16-4-17)

  1. I was suffering from psoriasis for about a year and day after day the skin condition was getting worse. Psoriasis has no known cure other than prescribed steroids that keeps going from mild steroids to strong ones. Searching for a cure in Zoroastrian religion, I came across Airyaman Yazad as the one who heals. I prayed ardently to him during hoshbam times for about 2 months. Keeping my intentions clear, I was praying in a partly wrong pronunciation ‘Airyaman Ishimyehe Yazata yazmaide’
    Then I had an accident. I broke one bone of each hand and a deep cut to my nose. It was at about 530pm. As I work on ship and had no medical help, I was shouting pain throughout. But at about 2am following morning I realised that my itching on psoriasis patches had disappeared. So I tried glancing to my affected patches and was surprised. The patches had disappeared by more than half! By morning 6am the patches disappeared by 80℅ or even more. And itching was no more!
    Then on, slowly my patches have gone. What no medical sciences can achieve, Airyaman Yazata did. Yes, it was a painful recovery thinking about broken bones and nose. But ask any psoriasis patient, and he would agree that it is better to get fractured bones and heal from psoriasis. And maybe this is the only way to heal from psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases which gives a sudden shock to the brain with pain and something else to work on. This, as humans, we may not be aware. But as the Healer of 99,999 diseases, Airyaman Yazata is.
    I am, thankful to Airyaman Yazata forever and remember him daily now. After more than 18 months of the accident, I am, by his grace , psoriasis free. I strongly suggest to remember him ardently. As I said, i remembered him daily during hoshbam times. Someone who is suffering may do the same.


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