Can hair and nail be cut at any time of the day or night? (TMY – Jame Jamshed of 8-10-17)

  1. According to Zoroastrian tradition naso should not to be created in the absence of the sun, as at that time the force of evil is very strong, and the light of the sun is not present to disinfect the physical ill effects of the naso.
  2. Cutting of hair and nail creates fresh naso and hence this should be done in the presence of the sun during daylight hours. Hence Zoroastrian tradition prohibits cutting of hair and nail after sunset.
  3. Even a dead body is consigned in the Dakhma only during the day, on account of the necessity of the presence of the sun since the dead body is a naso.


  1. Is there an hierarchy of divine beings in the Avesta? (TMY – JJ of 22-10-17)
  2. The Avesta mentions divine beings of different types and status. The highest among them is Ahura Mazda who alone has the title dadar “creator” prefixed before his name.
  3. After Him comes the Ameshaspands who individually look after each of the seven creations. Under the seven Ameshaspands work the Yazads.
  4. There are innumerable Yazads working in the universe, but only a few from these are mentioned by name. The names of the Roj and Mah are dedicated to some of these Yazads mentioned by name.
  5. Of the 30 days (roj) of the month, the first seven are named after the Ameshaspand and the rest 23 are dedicated mainly to the Yazads. Three to four Yazads are appropriated to one each of the seven Ameshaspands and work under them. These are called the Hamkars of the Ameshaspand.
  6. Among these 23 Yazads there are a few who are called ‘Mino’ who work predominantly for spiritual qualities and purposes. The rest work predominantly at the material level and for worldly tasks and purposes.
  7. Another type of Yazads are called Ratus. They predominantly work with nature and are connected with seasons.
  8. Fravashis and Asho Ravans (realised souls who have already reached Garothman-the Highest Heaven) are also divine beings in their own right. They too work under and with the Ameshaspands and Yazads.

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