How is an Agyari consecrated? (TMY – JJ of 3-6-18)

  1. An Agyari is a fire temple which generally houses the second grade of fire, that is, the Adaran fire. Very rarely the Dadgah fire is used as the main sacred fire in an Agyari. The consecration of an Atash Adaran can be divided in six stages:
  2. Fire is collected from hearths of four professional groups: the priests (athornan), the warriors (ratheshtar), the farmer (vastryosh) and the artisan (hutokhsh).
  3. The 4 fires are then purified by a special process.

iii. Each of these fires are consecrated separately, by the performance of a Yasna and Vendidad for three days.

  1. On the fourth day, the fires are amalgamated and Yasna service is performed over it.
  2. Now the Sanctum sanctorum (kebla) and the agyari building are cleaned and consecrated by the performance of Yasna and Vendidad rituals.
  3. Finally the sacred consecrated fire is brought in a procession to the Fire temple building and enthroned.
  4. To have a consecrated Dadgah Fire, it is not necessary to collect fire from different sources, nor is it necessary to perform elaborate rituals over the fire. At the most a Baj or Yasna is performed over it.
  5. The process of consecration (Guj: Ijvanu) unites the physical fire to its original source in the spiritual world which is with Ahura Mazda’s Khvarenah “divine energy” from where it draws divine energy. The consecrated fire has consciousness. It carries our prayers to the divine world and brings blessings for us in the material world.

4. Zoroastrians are required to stay in vicinity of a fire temple and visit it regularly. Not only are these power houses of divine energy, but they are also regularly visited by divine beings.

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