How is an Atash Behram consecrated? (TMY – JJ of 27-5-18)

1. An Atash Behram is a fire temple which houses the highest grade of fire, the Atash Behram fire. The consecration of an Atash Behram generally follows the same six stages as that of an Adaran fire. However the main difference is that in an Atash Behram, fire from 16 different sources are used, over which more than one thousand Yasna and Vendidad are performed, spanning a period of more than a year.

2. We find a description of these 16 fires in Vendidad Chapter 8 and Rivayat of Kamdin Shapur.  They are fires from: Burning corpse, Dyer, Public bath, Potter, Brick maker, Bronze maker, Goldsmith, Mint, Blacksmith, Weapon maker, Baker’s oven, Brewer, Army camp, Shepherd, House of a Zoroastrian and Lightening. The number of purifications and consecration of the different fires range from 30 to 91 over each individual fire.

3. Between the Agyari and the Atash Behram, there is a vast difference in the process of offering Boi, the number of Atash Nyaishnas recited herein, the number of bells rung, the offering of Machi, and the preparation of priests for performance of Boi.

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