What is the Vendidad ritual? (TMY JJ of 21-10-18)

1. The Vendidad is the longest and the most exalted of the present Zoroastrian rituals. In this ritual, the text of the Vendidad scripture is recited along with the texts of the Yasna and Visparad.

2. The Vendidad ritual takes about 6 to 7 hours to perform. It can be performed only in the Ushahin geh, that is after mid-night. It is an inner ritual and hence can be performed only within the pāvis (furrows) in a ritually clean precincts of a Daremeher, Agyari or Atash Behram.

3. Though the actual Vendidad ritual requires about 6 hours to perform, its preparation starts right from the morning. Two priests of the highest calibre are required for 24 hours each for the performance of the Vendidad ritual.

4. The preparation for the ritual starts by the performance of a Yasna ritual in the morningby two priests. This is called the khub and is meant to give ritual and spiritual power to undertake the higher ritual of Vendidad at night. After performing the Yasna ritual, the priests are expected to stay in the fire temple throughout the day, and observe certain restrictions, so as not to vitiate their ‘ritual power’.

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