Who is Shah Kae Lohrasp? (TMY, JJ of 6-1-19)

1. After long wars, Kayanian King Kae Khushru decided to leave his throne and kingdom and spend time in prayers. He often went into long periods of seclusion, and finally decided to leave his kingdom. Before leaving, Saorsh Yazad asked him to give his throne not to his sons, but to a just, gentle, noble and religious knight by the name Lohrasp. Then Kae Khushru retreated into the mountains and disappeared, never to return.

2. King Kae Lohrasp had two sons Gushtasp and Zarir. Gustasp always felt a sense of insecurity to his right to the throne and approached his father with a request to nominate him as his successor. After a few times, finally, Lohrasp instituted Gushtasp on the throne. He spent his days at the Navbahar Atash Behram, where later, prophet Zarathushtra also prayed.

3. Once when king Gushtasp was not in the capital, the evil Turanian king Arjasp attacked Balkh. The elderly Lohrasp single-handedly and valiantly fought many Turanians, but when the cowardly soldiers attacked him simultaneously, he lost his life.

4. Apart from being a pious king, Kae Lohrasp is revered as a highly evolved, spiritually advanced soul. He is credited with the ability of astral projection, that is projecting his astral body at another place in such a way that it appears that he is simultaneously present at two places.

5. In religious tradition, he is referred to as mithra-nā-sāheb “lord over thoughts.” People who are not able to concentrate, whose mind is agitated and who are harassed by negative thoughts should think of Shah Lohrasp, keep his picture in their mind and pray to him for help.

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