Why is the use of mobile phones prohibited in fire temples? (TMY, JJ of 13-1-19)

1. Mobile phones run on the principles of converting sound waves to electronic signals and then transmit them as radio waves while sending, and the other way round while receiving. All this activity emit a lot of electromagnetic radiation.  A Zoroastrian fire temple is a place where the exchange of lot of spiritual energies take place, especially in the sanctum sanctorum where the sacred fire is placed. High concentration of electric and electro-magnetic energies inhibits and hampers the divine work of these sacred fires.

2. If one may recollect, there is no electricity in the keblā “sanctum sanctorum” of any fire temple in India. Moreover, in rare cases, in a few fire temples there is no electricity even in the entire main building. One of the main reasons for this is, that the electrical energy hampers the divine work of these sacred fires.

3. Moreover, the incessant beeps, alerts and rings of the mobile phones would be very disturbing to the devotees. Worse still would be the conversations that different people would engage in, in the sublime house of worship, thus vitiating its tranquil environment. The atmosphere of a place of worship should be calm and quiet to enable concentration and relaxation of the mind.

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