Are there any specific prayers linked to various needs, like seeking help in sickness, or remembrance of the departed ones? (TMY, JJ of 28-4 & 5-5-19)

1. The primary aim of prayer in any religion is to elevate the mind and awaken the soul. These purposes than automatically give rise to other beneficial effects like peace, health and happiness.

2. Zoroastrian prayers are also a great source of health and healing. In the Ardibahesht Yasht, where five types of healings are mentioned, healing by prayers is listed as the highest type of healing, since it heals from within. Apart from health and healing, prayers are helpful for other aspects of life too, for instance there are prayers for success, courage and confidence.

3. The following are some main prayers for specific purposes: Khorshed and Meher Nyash for intellect and spiritual energy, Māh Bakhtār Nyash for peace of mind, psychological problems, depression, lunacy, at the time of surgery and for recovery after surgery, Atash Nyash for seeking help from the sacred fire, Hormazd Yasht for positive energy and well-being, Haptan Yasht for any general planetary problems and afflictions, Ardibahesht Yasht for general health, well-being, immunity and recovery from fever and other general illnesses, Khordad Yasht for employment, job and career, Avan Ardvisur Nyash and Avan Yasht for issues related to conception, child birth, menstruation and urinary tract problems, Tir Yasht for eye strength and eye related problems, Gosh Yahst for protection and general well-being of children,  Meher Yasht for those who seek justice,  Behram Yasht for confidence, success and victory, Rām Yasht and Ā airyema ishyo prayer for seeking suitable marriage partner, Ashishwangh Yasht for wealth and prosperity, Hom Yasht for making medicines more potent, wound healing and overcoming poisoning, Vanant Yasht for countering black magic and other evil powers and spells, Hoshbam, Sarosh Yasht Hadokht and Din Yasht for spiritual development.

4. If one finds the Yashts too long and difficult to pray, the Yazads can be invoked individually by reciting a name 101 times, like Yā Behram Yazad. Alternately just the Avesta khshnuman (invocation) of the Yazad or the Setayash of the Yazad could also be recited.

5. For health and other issues, there is also a tradition of praying a particular name from the 101 names of God, a certain number of times, to seek help for specific purposes.

6. The above are not personal suggestions or recommendations, but are the time honoured traditions and practices of the religion.  Most of these have been recorded in old Khordeh Avestas, manuscripts and books, and some are transmitted orally. lsd

One thought on “Are there any specific prayers linked to various needs, like seeking help in sickness, or remembrance of the departed ones? (TMY, JJ of 28-4 & 5-5-19)

  1. Dastoorjee,
    can i pray arhibehest yasht for my daughter when she is sick but in periods, and make her drink the water.

    aspi dubash


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