B. When performing the Kasti ritual, why do we hold the Kasti while reciting the Jasa me avanghe Mazda? (TMY, JJ of 1-9-19)

1. The Kasti ritual is a very powerful tool that Parsi Zoroastrians have for an all-round physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It has five main prayers, each of which has a powerful message as well as significant tasks to perform. These tasks are protection, cleansing, drawing of energy and energising. The last of the five prayers is the Jasa me avanghe Mazda.

3. The Jasa me avanghe Mazda prayer is a pledge to follow the beautiful Mazdyasni Zarthoshti religion and have faith in it. The meaning of the prayer contains a brief description of the salient features of the religion.

4. The task that Jasa me avanghe Mazda prayer performs, is to re-energise the Kasti which is worn around the waist, and also re-charge the Khoreh (divine energy) of the person. This energy is drawn while reciting the two Yatha ahu vairyos while doing the Kasti.

5. While saying the Jasa me Avanghe Mazda prayer, the Kasti is held with the two hands, by keeping the thumb in the knots. This is done to energise the Kasti with the energy that the person has drawn and imbue the Kasti with that power. The Kasti is a religious implement f a Zoroastrian, which holds the energy of the prayers and acts as a powerful shield of protection against all negativities that the person may encounter, till the next Kasti is done.

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