Zamyad Yasht


The Zamyad Yasht is also known as KAYAN YASHT in academic circles. It is the 19th Yasht. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Zamyad Yazad. It is one of the larger Yashts having 16 kardas consisting of 96 paragraphs. The Avestan word zem means “earth.” The 28th day of the Zoroastrian calendar month is Zamyad.


In the first 8 paragraphs of the Yasht, there is special reference to mountains of iran. The number of mountains is given as 2244 out of which 52 are enumerated.


The Yasht is also known by another name Kayan Yasht. This name is more applicable to the part which starts from paragraph 9. as it is dedicated to the worship of Kayan  Khvarenah, the Divine Energy of the Kayanian kings of Iran. The Kayan Khoreh is described as the most conquering, energetically working health giving, brilliant and skilful. It will help bring about the Frashokereti – Renovation – when it will make all creations fresh, youthful and deathless, completely   destroy the evil forces and make the holy creations immortal.


The History of Kayan Khvarenah:

The Kayan khvarenah first came to Peshdadian king Hoshang. It then went to Shah Tehmurasp.  Then the Kyanian khoreh clung to Shah Jamshed in whose kingdom there was neither old age nort death. When king Jamshed uttered falsehood, the glory fled away from him in the form of a bird. The glory was seized by Meher Yazad. Thereafter King Faridun and Kersasp received it. King Zohak tried to seize the  khoreh but was prevented by Adar Yazad, and it remained secure with Apam Napat.


Ahura Mazda assured Zarathustra that whenever any good man desired to have Kayan  Khoreh, he will receive it and will have divine wisdom and religious knowledge. Wicked Afrasiyab thrice attempted to capture it but failed to get it. the Khoreh remained with Kaynian kings  upto Gustasp. Finally it came clung to prophet Zarathushtra.At the end of time, the Kayanian Khvarena will come to victorious  Astavat ereta, the last of the Saoshyants.


The soul of those who pray Zamyad Yasht will be guarded all the time. The reciter will get the powers to do good deeds and will have intelligence. Any man who keeps the earth clean and unpolluted receives  benefit from Zamyan Yazad.


Summary of the XVI Kardas:

I and II: Praise of Kayan Khvarena belonging to Ahura Mazda.


III Kayan Khvarena’s association with the seven Ameshaspands.


IV Kayan Khvarena association with Yazatas and Soshyants.


V Kayan Khvarena and king Hoshang who ruled over seen regions of the earth.


VI Kayan Khvarena’s association with Takhma Urupa who rode over Angra Mainu.


VII Kayan Khvarena’s association with Yima. Later Kayan Khvarena fled in shape of a bird.


VIII Struggle for Kayan Khvarena between Vohu Mana and Asha Vahishta on one side and and Aka Manah and Aeshama on the other. It towards Sea Vorukasha where Apam Napat took it.


IX and X  Wicked Turanian Frangarasya tried to seize the glory 3 times from the Sea Vourukasha bur was unsuccessful.


XI Kayan Khvarena came to all Kayanian Kings


XI I – Kayan Khvarena came to Haosravah  and his praise


XIII Kayan Khvarena associated with prophet Zarathushtra. When wicked Frangrasya tried to seize the glory from Zarathushtra, it fled away.


XIV Glory to Kae Vistaspa who thought according to religion, spoke in accordance with religion and according to the religion.


XV Kayan Khvarena will come to the victorious Soshyants who will renovate the world.


XVI Zoroastrian apocalyptic tradition.