*Association For Performance of Death Ceremonies

The Association For The Performance of the First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies of Parsi Zoroastrians.

The performance of after death rituals are meant for the comfort of the soul of the deceased as they make it feel loved and remembered. These rituals are an integral part of the Zoroastrian religion. It is the duty and obligation of the near and dear ones of the deceased to have these rituals performed for their loved ones at least for the first year.

“The Association for the Performance of the First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies of Parsi Zoroastrians” is a registered Society formed in 1942 for performing necessary death ceremonies for those who did not have anybody after them to have these ceremonies performed.


The Association was established especially for those who perceive that after their passing away the death rituals may not be performed. In such cases the Trust takes the responsibility to have the rituals performed of people who register with the Trust. Once the Trust is notified of the demise, the Trust proceeds with the performance of the necessary rituals.


In 2010, the Association was revived as a need for performance of after death ceremonies was felt by community elders who did not have an immediate family. Some new Trustees from various backgrounds, committed to the religion and performance of rituals have been incorporated in the Association. They are knowledgeable in their own fields like religion, rituals, accounts, law and banking. Among the present Board of Trustees are Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia,  Er. Aspandyar Dadachanji, Er. Tehmasp Mogul, Mr. Aspi Engineer, Mr. Limji Nanabhoy, Mrs. Shernaz Mehta and Mr. Maneck Kalyaniwala.  Mr. Ariez Kharas looks after the day to day workings of the Association.


In order to be a part of the Association, one has to first become its member by paying a nominal membership fee of Rs.51/-. If one desires to have the after death ceremonies performed, a form has to be collected from the Trust’s office at Mithaiwala Agiary Compound, Jehangir Daji Street Grant Road (West) and duly filled up with necessary details. More information can be had and forms can be collected from the administrator Mr. Kharas on 9769761284 or 022 23870283 (email: ariezkharas@gmail.com).


Presently members can have first year death rituals performed under two options. In the first option, the member pays Rs. 30,000/- , and the following rituals will be performed after death: Sachkar, Bhoi aagal bhantar, Baj of Sarosh, Geh Saarnu, Sarosh na karda, afternoon uthamnu, Chaharum ni baaj, shiav with utensils, Night uthamnu, Daham Yazad, Afargan Farokshi, 3 satum, Afargan, Baaj, Farokshi, and 1 satum from 5th to 9th day (ABFS), Afargan Baaj Farokshi 1 satum for Dasma divas (ABFS), Afargan, Baaj, Farokshi and 3 satum for Siroja with shiav, Afargan Baaj Farokshi 3 satum for Masiso, Afargan, Baaj, Farokshi and 1 satum every month, Chhamsi as per Masisa with shiav, Varsi as per Masisa with shiav, Farokshi on Mah Farvardin Roj Farvardin, 10 days Muktad in Anjuman with Afargan, Baaj and Farokshi. Kalashiyo will be provided by the Association.


In the second option, on payment of Rs. 55,000/-, additional rituals of Afargan, Baj, Farokshi and 3 satum will be done on Parab and Farvardin Roj every month and a Vendidad will be performed at the earliest availability.


Every two to three years the Trust will suitably modify the charges for the schemes keeping in mind the prevailing rates. The revised will be applicable only for new members. No extra money will be charged from members who have already joined the scheme.


For performance of after death rituals, the Association will follow the existing standards and traditions laid down by the High Priests of the Community. If a person passes away at any place, whether in Mumbai or outside, where Dokhma/s are available, then the after death rituals for the first four days will be performed only if the body is consigned to the Dokhmas.  If a person dies in a place where there is no dokhma, and is cremated/buried, the first four day death rituals will be performed by the Association, as there is no restriction against that. The restriction for not performing first 4 day rituals is only when a body is cremated/buried where dokhmas are available.


Presently rituals through the Association can be performed at the following places, under the people mentioned:

Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji, Panthaky, Vatcha Gandhi Agiary, Hughes Road –  Tel. 022 23803826 or 919820493812

Ervad Kersi Bhadha,Panthaky, M.J.Wadia Agiary, Lalbaug – Tel. 022 24702207

Ervad Viraf Pavri, Panthaky, B. C. Batliwalla Agiary, Tardeo Road – Tel. 022 23530142

Ervad Pakzad Y. Katpitia, Mithaiwala Agiary, Grant Road (West) –  Tel.8080222227


The Association is registered under the Society’s Registration Act and the Bombay Public Trust Act. Community members may take advantage of the Schemes offered by the Association.

In the related pages you will find the Options list and the Application form.