What is your suggestion for those who don’t pray? (TMY – Jame Jamshed of 17 and 24-12-17)

1. People who don’t pray generally fall under 3 categories: a. Those who don’t pray because of lack of time, b. Those who don’t pray because they don’t know how to pray, and c. Those who don’t pray because they don’t believe in the effectiveness and powers of prayers.

2. Among the above three categories,  most people fall in category (a), that is, they don’t pray because of lack of time. For those who don’t believe in prayers (category c), they will not mind experimenting or trying out if it does not require much time and effort. For those who don’t know how to pray (category b), a simple prayer is the best solution.

3. For all the above three types of people, the best solution is the shortest and simplest of Zoroastrian prayers of Yatha ahu vairyo and Ashem Vohu, which can be prayed whenever and wherever possible.

4. These are not just prayers, they are very powerful Mantras or chants. The power inherent in these prayers is sure to transform the life of any person who chants them. The more frequency of the chanting, the greater the benefit.

5. The best thing about these short prayers is that they can be chanted anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances.

6. Ashem vohu being a calming and soothing prayer is best prayed at home and when restless, agitated or angry. Yatha ahu vairyo being pro-active, is a prayer for protection. It is best prayed when going outside, starting a new work, when feeling insecure and when meeting challenges.

7. These two short prayers can be prayed in different combinations. The most basic combination of  2 Yatha ahu vairyo and 1 Ashem vohu can be prayed when seeking God’s help and blessings while initiating any work.

8. These two prayers can be prayed in different numbers, different purposes and in different combinations, but then that would complicate things and would be defeating the very purpose for which we started off.

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