What are the miracles associated with the life of prophet Zarathushtra (TMY – JJ of 6, 13 & 20-5-18)?

  1. Many miracles have been associated with prophet Zarathushtra, starting from much before his birth. He was divinely selected and appointed decades before his birth and the procedure to send his physical and spiritual constituents to this world had started even before the birth of his parents.
  2. The account of putting together of his different physical and spiritual constituents is truly miraculous. His Khoreh (divine energy) travelled from Endless Light through all spiritual stations and then to his mother Dogdo. From her, it entered into Zarathushtra when he was in the womb.
  3. His Fravashi (guardian spirit) was brought into a stock of Hom plant through 2 birds tree near the house of his father. Bahman and Ardibahesht fixed the thought of Pourushasp to get that Hom. When he thought that the Hom was too high for him, the branch was miraculously brought down to his level. Then Pourushasp gave the branch to Dogdo for safe keeping.
  4. The Gohar (essence/nature) of Zarathushtra came to him through water and plants with the help of Khordad and Amardad Ameshaspands. First it was sent to the clouds, then through the rains to grass, which was eaten by six white cows, who without giving birth gave milk with Zarathushtra’s essence in it. Then Dogdo milked those cows.
  5. Hom kept with Dogdo for safekeeping was pounded with milk and so the Fravashi and Gohar of his body came together. Pourushasp and Dogdo drank it and so the Fravashi, Gohar and Khoreh of Zarathushtra came together. Then Dogdo gave birth to Zarathushtra
  6. Three days after Zarathushtra’s birth, the whole village was illuminated. Wicked persons were terrified by the divine light as they thought that the divine child would put an end to their evil. They decided to kill the child. Dorasrun, the evil chieftain, tried several times to have it killed, but each time the child was miraculously saved.
  7. Dorasrun had the baby thrown into a fire, but the fire did not burn the child, as Adar Yazad, made the fire cool, and so the baby was unharmed. Dorasrun then had the child placed in the pathway of a herd of cattle. However when the herd came, a white cow, inspired by Gosh Yazad, stood over the child, protecting it from the rest of the cattle. The infant was then kept in the pathway of horses. There too a white horse, inspired by Dravasp Yazad, stood over the child and protected it.
  8. The angry Dorasrun then placed the child in a den of wolves after having the wolf cubs killed, thinking that the wolves will tear the child apart. When the wolves returned, they tried to attack the child, but they were stopped by an unseen fortification, and could not approach the child. Later, Bahman Ameshaspand and Sarosh Yazad came in the form of goats and fed the hungry child.
  9. Dorasrun now decided to kill baby Zarathushtra himself. He took a sharp dagger and went to the house of Pourushaspa. As soon as he came near the child, he brought out his dagger and raised it to stab the child. But instantly, he lost strength in his hands and they were paralysed.
  10. Another miracle happened when Zarathushtra was 12 years old. Two evil magicians, Bratrokesh and Dorasrub came to his house dressed as physicians and gave him poisonous potions. Zarathushtra was divinely guided not to drink it. He drove them away. When they were returning, they were struck by a fatal disease.
  11. The next miracle happened when Zarathushtra was nearing 30 years. One day, near the Vehdāiti river, Bahman Ameshaspand led him to a conference with Ahura Mazda. He received divine knowledge of the Religion through Bahman Ameshaspand and Sarosh Yazad. This was the divine revelation, by which he became the prophet.
  12. The next miracle was in the palace of king Vishtasp where he cured his horse Aspe-Siha by the chanting of prayers. Later, he was able to give miraculous gifts to his foremost disciples. After performing a Jashan, prophet Zarathushtra presented offerings to four of his foremost disciples. King Vishtasp was given the consecrated wine and his wish of visiting heaven was fulfilled. Minister Jamasp was made to smell a flower and he got the gift to see into the past and foretell the future. Prince Peshotan was given milk and he gained immortality in the material world. Crown prince Aspandyar was given pomegranate seeds and he became Rooyin-tan, that is, his body became as strong as bronze.
  13. Another miracle was the giving of the three gifts by the prophet to King Vishtasp as a proof of his divine mission. He gave the king Adar Burzin Meher, a spiritually burning fire, a Cypress tree by the name Azad-Sarva, which had a message for the king on every leaf and 21 Nasks (Volumes) of Avestan scriptures, containing all the knowledge of the world.
  14.  The passing away of the prophet was also miraculous. The elements of his body directly merged into the elements of nature, and his soul ascended directly to the highest Heaven, in the act of destroying the collective evil. True to his lofty stature, the life of our beloved prophet Zarathushtra is full of miracles.

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